I thought that it was possible to import a Photoshop brush into Gimp
2.3. I have one, with the .abr suffix, but I can't open it with the Open
dialogue (unknown file type). How should I proceed?

By the way, one problem I have with brushes is that I'm interested in
large collections of real Gimp brushes, available in some places.
However, to place all of them at the same time in the brushes directory
makes choosing a brush among more than thousand of them very awkward.
Could it be possible to have sub-directories in the brushes directory,
and to access them when needed? Presently, my only solution is to make
this by hand, moving a symbolic link among the various directories I
built. Pretty complicated and unnatural.

Yes, I know I should try programming this myself. But it would need so
much time to learn all the stuff needed that I would not be able to do
this before several months, if not years.


                        Olivier Lecarme
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