I am using the 2.3.18 development version of gimp on a SPARC Solaris
system, but I also see this with the 2.2.15 version as well.

I have a 4MB jpeg file created with my Minolta 7D camera.  I load it into
Gimp and then immediately save it.  The resulting file is now only 482kB
in size!  When I use exiftool to examine the exif data, I see the following
unexpected changes:
                                Original Version        Saved Version
                                ---------------------   ---------------------
    File Size:                  4 MB                    482kB
    X Resolution:               72                      300
    Y Resolution:               72                      300
    Minolta Image Size:         Large                   Medium
    Focus Mode:                 Manual                  Single-Shot AF
    ISO Setting:                Auto                    800
    Free Mem. Card Images:      300                     1
    Rotation:                   Horizontal (normal)     Unknown (0)
    Image Number:               3                       4
    Image Number 2:             5523                    3

The saved version also reports:

    Warning : [minor] Possibly incorrect maker notes offsets (fix by -94?)

It appears that the development version of gimp is messing up the exif header
in a number of ways.  But why is the file being truncated to such a degree?
Is there something I have set incorrectly that is causing this?  Is there
a preference setting for a default level of jpeg compression?  In both
cases the image size is being reported as 3008x2000 but note the difference
in the DPI resolution.  I feel as though I must be missing something
obvious.  Thanks for any pointers you can offer.

Jeffery Small

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