norman wrote:
>>> The printer I have is said to be capable of printing on a CD or DVD. I
>>> wondered if it were possible to prepare and print images using Gimp and,
>>> if so, how would one go about the task?
>> Take a look at glabels.  I don't know what kind of layout you must
>> produce in order to print directly to the cd/dvd, so that might be an
>> issue here as well.
>> What I do is create art work with Gimp then import it into glabels for
>> printing on cd/dvd labels.  Again, it'll depend on what kind of layout
>> the printer expects when printing directly to the cd/dvd.
> I have considered printing labels using glabels which seems to be quite
> a useful piece of software for producing all sorts of labels. Glabels
> certainly provides such a good range of templates that one is spoilt for
> choice. My reason for pursuing the print to DVD approach is that I only
> want one label per DVD and the templates appear to give two the same. I
> must look further.

When you select to print, you are given the option to print any 
combination of the labels (upper label, lower label, both labels).

Until later, Geoffrey

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