On 7/27/07, Mark Szymanski <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Actually, no.
> On Linux/X11/DWM, for example,  it does.. precisely nothing. Gnome includes
> that keybinding you mention, so it will work if you are running Gnome, but
> not KDE. Also-- does a Mac keyboard even HAVE a PrintScreen key? Google
> saith: no, it doesn't  :)
> <snip>
> My experience has been completely the opposite. I run KDE on openSuse 10.2 
> with Gimp v. 2.2.13. Using the Print Screen key, I saved the image as .png, 
> cropped it, saved that, and re-opened in Gimp. Ksnapshot took the screen 
> capture almost immediately. I have not yet tried this on Windows as I resist 
> using that OS at home; I get enough of that at work.
> Regards,
>   ~Mark

ah, looks like my reference
(http://www.novell.com/coolsolutions/tip/2289.html) is out of date (by
3 years :)
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