On Thu, 2007-08-02 at 13:05 -0700, spammy wrote:

> I recently found myself needing to append a copy of an image right
> next to itself, essentially doubling the width of the canvas and
> ending up with a "stereoimage" more or less.  Unfortunately, the image
> consisted of many layers, and I had to copy-n-paste the content of
> each layer and then move it to the side, layer by layer.  Well, at
> least I "had to" in the sense that I didn't know any better.

Do you actually still need the individual layers? Otherwise you could
simply flatten the image or merge visible layers before you create the
stereo image.

> I foresee myself having to do the same again, and was wondering if
> there was some fancy way to copy/paste/move all the layers at the same
> time, or if there might be an even better approach to this.

You can link layers by toggling the chain icon in the layers dialog.
Linked layers can be moved together.


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