Dear All, 

After I upgraded my machine (Dell, 1GB RAM, PIV processor) to Fedora
7, gimp worked fine for a few days. Then it started to hang after
about ten minutes of use. It works fine (pencil, crop and fill), but
after gimp has been used for about, say ten minutes, whenever I try to
open or save a file from the File menu, the menu appears and then gimp
hangs. Nothing can be done after that except forced kill.

Then I upgraded gimp to the latest available stable version 2.2.17
(from koji). Then after about a week the problem reappeared. I can
work for a few minutes, even save and/or open a file or two, then gimp
hangs as soon as I use an item in File menu.

No problem occurs if gimp is used as a superuser (using su -c). I am
always against running an application as the superuser, and advise
people against it, but I really need to meet a few deadlines.

Excerpt from ~/.xsession-errors, 

(script-fu:3683): LibGimpBase-WARNING **: script-fu: wire_read(): 
errorWindow manager warning: Buggy client sent a _NET_ACTIVE_WINDOW 
message with a timestamp of 0 for 0x3e0a86e (The GIMP) 
Window manager warning: meta_window_activate called by a pager with a 
0 timestamp; the pager needs to be fixed. 

Any suggestion will be appreciated.


Dr. Muhammad Masroor Ali
Professor and Head
Department of Computer Science and Engineering
Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology
Dhaka-1000, Bangladesh

Phone: 880 2 966 5650 (PABX)
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