> A small beginners minihowto about gimp  is made.
> The idea is to get newbies started using gimp immediately, with the most
> elementary things.
> Has taken me a long time, to learn gimp.
> The address is http://www.minihowto.org
> I am an old pensioner of some 66 years of age.
> This manual is supplementary to all the other documentation, which is out
> there on the Internet etc.  :-)

That is a nice introduction. It is valuable to understand the experiences
of new users; often experts and veterans have a difficult time writing
manuals and tutorials because they "intuitively" understand concepts which
prove to be significant barriers to the new user.

One thing I would recommend: in your tutorial you should mention the
importance of saving files in the XCF format while working on them. Many
new users will save their multi-layered files as JPEG or PNG and then find
out that the layers are no longer there the next time they use the GIMP.
Saving as an XCF will retain all of the information associated with an
edit session -- including layers, texts, paths, and selections -- so that
the user can pick up where they left off.

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