On Fri, 2007-08-10 at 12:34 +0200, durumdara wrote:

> But: when I select (for example) 16 images to edit, and I open them by 
> win-remote, sometimes the gimp is make wrong opens!
> Some images are not opened as in new window - they are inserted to 
> another picture as new layer.
> For example: the DS1234 opened, and the DS1235 is not opened to new 
> window, it is inserted to DS1234.
> DS1234 the background, DS1235 a new layer in it!
> Why? win-remote why not create another windows to another pictures, why 
> merge them? It is seems to be bug!!!

This does indeed look like a bug in gimp-win-remote. This little utility
is however a third-party plug-in and not maintained in the GIMP source
tree. Perhaps someone who cares about the Windows platform should inform
the author of this tool about this problem. It might also make sense to
move it to the GIMP source tree and merge it with the gimp-remote
utility that is used on other platforms (and maintained in the GIMP
source tree).


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