I have Gimp 2.2.13 in my machine.
I many times managing photo albums, and I use Faststone Image Viewer to it.
When I want to edit more pictures, I use "gimp-win-remote gimp-2.2.exe 
(filename)" to do it.

But: when I select (for example) 16 images to edit, and I open them by 
win-remote, sometimes the gimp is make wrong opens!
Some images are not opened as in new window - they are inserted to 
another picture as new layer.
For example: the DS1234 opened, and the DS1235 is not opened to new 
window, it is inserted to DS1234.
DS1234 the background, DS1235 a new layer in it!

Why? win-remote why not create another windows to another pictures, why 
merge them? It is seems to be bug!!!


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