Hi There

Thanks to Scott and Saulgoode for their help in my last post. Thanks to 
them I am now able to do some basic video editing and I can append 
videos etc. I am making little GIF animations now.

However it does not look like anyone has larger GIFs, about 300px 
square, on their websites, no doubt due to the files sizes. I wanted to 
also encode a video and post it on the web. I cannot get anything 
encoded. I have a bunch of .xcf frames with serial numbers. I tried 
converting them to .png and .tiff but nothing helps. I also downloaded 
and set up mpeg2encode. It works from the command line but not from GIMP.

I am running Ubuntu on a 64 bit machine. If anyone can tell me how to 
get from the .xcf frames to encode any video format that would be terrific.

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