Richard Oliver wrote:
> I have downloaded the ImageMagick program,but for the life of me I 
> cannot get it installed / launched so perhaps you could render some 
> more help ??

Make sure you downloaded one of the executable installer packages and not the 
source code of ImageMagick. I noticed that it might be a bit confusing as to 
which package to get since there are five different versions available on the 
download page located at

The fifth version offered is only useful if you have a 64-bit computer. If you 
don't have that, you need to use one of the first four links.

If you are still having problems, it might help to know which installer 
package you are trying to use, which version of Windows you are using, and 
some more details of what happens when you try to run the installer including 
the contents of any error messages you may be seeing.

That is about all I can suggest for now. I don't use ImageMagick under Windows 
so I haven't tried installing any of the Windows installer packages.


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