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> I seek help with migrating script-fu script from Gimp 2.2 to 2.4.

> After upgrade to 2.4.0-rc2 script stoped working, first I found problem 
> with (set! variable ...) syntax, I replaced that by (define variable 
> ...) and now I'm getting "Procedural database execution of 
> gimp-floating-sel-anchor failed:" error without any further explanation 
> of problem. I've no idea what get wrong there.
>      (define rtText
>         (car
>          (gimp-text-fontname
>           img -1
Why you put img -1 ?? you don't have this in the version for gimp 2.2

And BTW, putting here the old value your script will work.

> Is there some "script-fu migration howto"? Or maybe on this list is 
> someone so kind to check my script... it is attached to this email.

There are nice pages to read:

> Best regards


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