> Sorry, but i have a really newbie question.
> I run a GIMP 2.2.8 on a Mandriva 2006 box. And i just aquired a old flatbed 
> scanner, able to scan 24x36 negatives - of wich i have several thousands....
> When i scan a negative, it of course comes out, well, negative. 
> I can invert the pic with Layer/Colour/invert, but due to the colour mask in 
> the negative, the result has a severe blue taint, and strongly reduced 
> contrast.
> Can i somehow give the image a 'preset' filter or colour mask, to 
> counterbalance the orange filter? Or is there any other 'fix' to this 
> problem?
> Any help to a quivering n00b will be deeply appreciated...

I expect an individual who is far more knowledgeable than me will reply
with some very clever way of correcting your images but the curves tool
is an excellent device for dealing with colour casts.


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