carol irvin wrote:
> "bit processing" is now such a huge email that I am having trouble 
> telling when I want to read it and when I don't.  There is some really 
> good creative info coming in on it which I don't want to miss.  But 
> there is also some sort of continuing feud going on under that same 
> heading, which I do not want to read.  Perhaps the people who want to 
> post continuing creative insights could title theirs on the subject 
> line "creativity" and if they want to limit it even further could add 
> "camera" or "painting" or "art".  As for the feuders, I don't really 
> know what they can label theirs but I would really like something that 
> earmarks it so I can delete it unread as I don't want to devote 
> further time to scanning through them just to delete them.  I suppose 
> you could just label it "feud continues" and those who want to follow 
> it can and those who want to delete unread can do so.  
> Thank you.
I strongly agree: while the feud may be interesting to the participants, 
for someone standing outside (me) it reads like an endless recycling of 
the same arguments in different words. Put it down to my ignorance.
I'd join Carol in appreciating it if the "feuders" and the "creators" 
could use different titles for their posts.

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