On Friday 05 October 2007 00:03:14 David Heino wrote:
> is 72 dpi still sufficient across all possible monitors--a
> little lap top screen to a large screen HDTV?

There ain't no simple answer to that.

A simple laptop screen starts at about 1024x768 pixels (dots)
so a 72DPI picture to cover that entirely would be about 14
inches by 11 inches. You don't want to cover that much in a
web page, because there will be some actual page surrounding
the image, plus web browser window frames etc.

My wife's 19-inch CRT is set to about 2000x1500 pixels, so the
answer for that is about double.

Anyone using even larger monitors will be more than accustomed
to stuff not fitting.

One possible/partial answer is to use some JavaScript to read
the window's dimensions & alter the width & height parameters
of the <IMG> tag to scale whatever you provide, so it fits.

To get really fancy, provide several different images & have
your JS select the closest fit & scale that.

Cheers; Leon
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