David Heino wrote:
> If I am producing images for the web, is 72 dpi still sufficient 
> across all possible monitors--a little lap top screen to a large 
> screen HDTV?

DPI has nothing to do with screen resolution. On screen, most images are 
displayed pixel-for-pixel (unless the application is told to resize the 
image). Unless you specify the resize in HTML, most (if not all) 
browsers will display your image pixel-for-pixel. This is why talking 
about DPI when saving "for the web" is meaningless.

DPI *is* relevant when an image is scanned or printed. It is also 
sometimes relevant for fonts rendered by your computer. If you tell your 
system your DPI in regards to font size, it will change the font size to 
make it easier to view -- but there are 2 problems with that: the fonts 
might look fuzzy (reasonably easy to fix) and many programs will not 
display their content correctly because their programmers did not 
realize that the user might scale their fonts.

As far as saving "for the web," as others mentioned you should think in 
pixels. Things to keep in mind:
* users with large screens might resize their browser windows to be much 
* users on dialup (there are still a lot of them) really hate large images
* some users might even turn off images while browsing (so please make 
good use of alt property)

Hope this helps
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