Apologies if people get this duplicated but I didn't receive my own message and 
thought it may have been lost.


Hi there,

I have a question on copying a portion of an image in gimp.  First, a little 
context.  I needed to create a layer with only some features in an image.  For 
that, I first selected a suitable area in the image using the "Free Select" 
tool.  I then copied its contents (Edit -> Copy) and pasted it (Edit -> Paste) 
in a new layer (Layer -> New Layer).  This creates a new layer with only the 
desired features, as can be verified making the new layer the only visible 
layer.  Now, if I go to the "Channel Dialog", I can see the RGB and alpha 
channels looking right, with only the selected features there.  However, if I 
make a copy of one of the RGB channels (right-click on the R channel, for 
example, and duplicate it), there is more than just those features, as can be 
verified by making it the only visible channel.  

My question then is if this is a correct behavior and if so, how can I make a 
copy of a selection with only the contents of that selection?  Thank you,


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