Hi there,

I would like to thank [EMAIL PROTECTED] for his very thorough reply to my 
question on the contents of the RGB channels of a layer created from a 
selection.  He managed at once to make my question more understandable, give an 
explanation on gimp's behavior in this case, and provide solutions to the 

For what I needed (run a plug-in that would use the layer created from the 
selection to perform some operations on the original layer), due to an error in 
the plug-in I really needed the RGB channels to have information only in the 
areas selected, and after much tweaking (I'm not exactly a Gimp expert) I found 
out about the decompose function (image -> mode -> decompose), operated on the 
individual layers, and then applied compose to put them together in a single 
layer.  Maybe not the simplest way but it worked (I actually ended up doing a 
workaround that doesn't use selection to create the layer but that's another 

Thanks again.  Regards,

Hermano Cabral

PS: Thanks also for the tip with the script.  I think that it is going to be 
useful in many other situations, too.

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