in both photoshop and GIMP you do not need to do these functions as a layer
(i.e. work on layers).  You can use the Image menu in photoshop and make
these adjustments
without layers or in Gimp you can go to the Tools menu and do an adjustment
under colors.
as long as you are saving your various versions, there is no danger of being
stuck with a
change you don't like.  You CAN do these as a layers adjustment but that
that the user is already good at using layers and also wants to take the
extra time to flatten and such.

As for the actual use of the tools, each has
its own dialog box with sliders and you manually slide the controls till you
have something
which pleases you.  I am NOT a purist where I insist on doing everything in
layers.  I usually
go to layers when I am blending various versions of images.  There are some
who would regard
me as a heretic for saying this though as they don't believe you should do
anything without using

I think any of these manuals we have been discussing show illustrations of
all of the above.
Grooking the GIMP, as previously given as a link to the group, for sure
shows all of the above
and that manual is entirely online and free.


On 10/9/07, Patrick Shanahan <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
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> * carol irvin <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> [10-09-07 23:14]:
> > rather than relying on sharpen to sharpen an image, i have much better
> > luck using levels or curves.
> >
> > i also typically increase saturation some on images after i have done
> > a layers or curves adjustment.
> >
> > i thus almost never need to use sharpen, which is good, because
> > sharpen usually doesn't make my image better.
> >
> > the above is true for both GIMP and Photoshop.
> Please provide a little more detail about this operation, ie: explain
> "layers adjustment" and which "curves".
> interesting idea, tks,
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