On Wednesday 24 October 2007, Jarlath Reidy wrote:
> I have a friend who uses images sent to him by clients to make
> engravings on various materials. This is a start up business and he is
> having some teething problems.
> He has an issue where the boundary between the foreground and the
> background isn't clear cut and the engraving looks smudged around the
> edges.
> I've attached a piece of the image which the client sent in jpg format.
> Unfortunately, the typical client is not very computer savvy and asking
> for .tiffs isn't possible.
> Any advice here on how to clean up these 'grey areas' would be
> fantastic.
> Thanks,
> Jarlath

What is the problem with tifs? Just ask him to save as .tif instead of .jpg 
and that's it.
svg format (Inkscape's native) would suit so much better for logo.

Colors>Posterize might help.

Select>By color, increase threshold and pick white color, then erase it or 
fill with white colour.

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