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> i too have found myself using pngs a lot more than jpgs and for the same
> reason. the image came in as
> a jpg though, i went ahead and worked with it as a jpg.  however, i too
> would have preferred tackling
> it as a png file.  my absolute first choice would be a tif but it was given
> in the problem that a tif was out.

In this case - the "problem JPEG" - re-saving as JPEG would only
produce more of the same artifacts that were causing grief to the

As a designer I frequently deal with this scenario: "Hi, we need X
printed on Y and it needs to be Z feet tall.  All I have is this
(crappy) JPEG (or fax, doc, ppt, etc)". I try this:

1. is it a corporation?  is the logo on brandsoftheworld.com?
2. do they have vector artwork on their web page (hidden in a PDF, etc)?
3. is it just a font?  can "what the font" figure it out?
4. can I salvage it in GIMP (or PS) or Inkscape?
5. redo it :(

Regardless of the solution, the format chosen to save my work in is up
to me - just because I was _given_ a JPEG, there's no reason for me to
_save_ it as JPEG later.

Sorry, this turned into a bit of a rant....  I guess all I was trying
to say is that you're not locked into saving as a JPEG just because
that's all the client has to offer :)

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