On Thursday 25 October 2007 23:18:04 norman wrote:
> I would like to be able to produce a black and white negative
> image from an ordinary colour image.

I'm lazy, so desaturating on luminosity works well enough for
me. If I wanted to alter the colours, I'd put the image through
a colour-map first.

For example, I have a shot of an "evolutionary" sequence which
runs from a little ape-like fellow through Magnon to a normal
human standing tall, who then picks up a rake & starts to bend
down again as a result, & so on through a jackhammer until he's
sitting worshipfully at a computer keyboard.

I boosted the blue (Colours, Curves) a fair bit, then desaturated
that for a slightly sharper-looking monochrome image.

Not sure why artists do this, but the modern-man figures were
all Caucasian, & boosting the blue up fairly strongly, emphasised
the contrast between these fellows & everyone else up to Mr
Cro-Magnon, inclusive, who all had fairly mid-range colours..

Cheers; Leon
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