if you are trying to do image and high tech work and find it a tax
deductible expense of your work, then I fail to see how the larger scheme of
world poverty is at issue.  if you are on this list, you already own a
computer and are already on dialup at the very least so you are not part of
the world poverty scene.  you also are not going to get very far in your
image work, if you do it professionally, if it takes you an eternity to pass
images back and forth to the people in your professional market place.  I
published a book in 2004 which I sent back and forth straight through from
1st draft to final galleys online, saving me several hundred dollars (what I
used to pay in earlier editions of the textbook in mailing it in during each
phase).  I could not do this passing the book versions on dialup.  I also
needed no phone calls with my editor during this time period and I used to
have tons of calls, all long distance.  I was even able to work online with
the printer.

I am trying to show you how to SAVE money by using broadband in the usa.  I
see you are in germany.  a friend of mine in dresden and I will be doing a
broadband chat tomorrow so that she can use me as her interview subject for
a class project she has at the university medical school there (she needed a
person with cancer for her study).  we eliminated faxes and phones and are
doing the whole thing online and, at least in my case, totally for free.  we
will also be able to transmit images and documents back and forth easily as
we chat.

I realize americans are not very popular right now and it is easy to take
potshots at any american as an imperialist (even though I did not vote for
the person in power).  However, a person could likewise take some pretty
cheap shots at a german if one wanted to go back to some earlier decades in
the twentieth century.  However, I am not ignorant enough to assume every
german i meet is a Nazi underneath nowadays, although plenty of people
around the world continue to make those cracks and have those beliefs.  I
also believe modern day Germany is set up so as to avoid poverty pretty
well, and especially in its health care system.

I am not going to say anymore on this subject.  In fact, I am going to do
something else for awhile rather than talk to someone who is obviously
looking for a flame war.  A flame war is indeed off topic.


On 11/3/07, Marc Lehmann <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> On Sat, Nov 03, 2007 at 07:31:44AM -0400, carol irvin <
> > how many people here are on dialup?  for anyone still debating the
> switch in
> This is completely off-topic.
> > since I handle all my mail online.  I realize those of you not in the
> usa do
> > not have these ideal cirecumstances necessarily but it is hard for me to
> > understand why anyone in the usa thinks dialup is a bargain.
> This is the most imperialistic and stupid crap I heard in a long time. Do
> you
> really believe this shit or are you on drugs? The USA is technologically
> behind in many important areas, and poverty is a big problem, forcing many
> people to live in a way far worse than in most europeean countries.
> Just because you have the money doesn't mean everybody else has,
> especially in a country like the us with its many poor people, substandard
> health support and so on.
> You really need to get a grip on reality, carol :/
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