> The path was made in Inkscape and imported.  A series of layers were
> created and the path
> was "progressively stroked" from one layer to the next by increasing the
> value of the
> fade out option.
> I think I remember seeing something about stroke path being a scriptable
> option.  What
> about varying the value in the fade out for a brush?  Come to that, can
> you vary the
> amount of jitter as well?
> http://img207.imageshack.us/img207/5089/curlpongfr0.gif

If you go to Xtns->Procedure browser, you will see an entry for
gimp_edit_stroke in 2.2.x and gimp-edit-stroke in 2.4.x

There are also anumber of gimp_brushes_* or gimp-brushes-* which may be of
use to you



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