and first congratulations for the great job :), GIMP is amazing. My problem
thow is :
I am a french user, and therefore using our only-us-have-it azerty keyboard
on a Windows XP sp 2 PC, and in gimp the keyboard is treated as a qwerty
keyboard (only in GIMP I verified it).

The strange thing is that at the first GIMP launch following the
installation, the keyboard was correctly treated as an azerty keyboard.
But this appears after I left GIMP and reboot my PC : next launch the
keyboard is in QWERTY.
This is very annoying, first for using textboxes, and the most for keyboard
shortcuts use !!!
(my CTRL+Z shortcut is interpreted as a CTRL+W, which asks me each time if I
want to save my work before to close)

Please, help me get rid of this cause it's the only thing that I find
annoying on GIMP

Best regards

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