> hi, all.
> someone asked me, "in photoshop, if I copy some area like as 400*200
> and make a new image,
> then the image size will be 400*200. however gimp doesn't recognize
> the size of content on clipboard.
> of course I can use similar function via the menu edit > paste > new
> image. but it's not convenient."
> so I tell him, "use the dynamic keyboard shortcut."
> but I wonder. gimp doesn't have the function, or just couldn't find?

In 2.4

File->keyboard shortcuts  or
File->preferences->Interface->Configure keyboard shortcuts

Then set paste as new to what you want as a shortcut

I have set 'Y' as paste as new, so all I do is Ctrl+C Y

In 2.2 I did Ctrl+C Ctrl+N Alt+O Ctrl+V Ctrl+H, so 2.4 is *much* better


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