On Mon, 2007-12-10 at 17:32 +1030, David Gowers wrote:

> This feature used to be included in GIMP. It was removed because many
> people were confused by it.

The main reason for changing this was that there is no portable way to
find out about the size of the image in the clipboard. In earlier
versions of GIMP the clipboard used to be completely internal. You could
only paste what you had before copied in GIMP. In that situation we knew
exactly what's in the clipboard and we could offer that size in the "New
Image" dialog. Nowadays you can copy images from lots of other
applications and paste them into GIMP. But there's no reasonable way (at
least not on X11) to find out how large the image in the clipboard is.
So we can't reliably offer that size in the "New Image" dialog any


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