I needed a script-fu routine that apply Auto-White-Balance on all OPENED 
Like the Save-All script-fu that provided by an user in this list.

I don't wanna use outer tool, because sometimes the Auto-White-Balance 
is makes wrong result.

So, I wanna work like this:

1.) I open 20-50 images.
2.) I start the script that use AWB on images.
3.) I see the images, and check them all one by one. If the AWB is 
making wrong result, I correct it.
4.) I click on Save All.
5.) I click on Close All.

This will very simplify the work with my photos.

(I tried to find same effect (AWB) in Photoshop CS 2, but I not found it.
But it is possible that I was too tired... I think that PS is 
programmable too. But first I wanna solve this problem with GIMP, if 

Thanks for your help:

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