> I needed a script-fu routine that apply Auto-White-Balance on all OPENED 
> images...
> Like the Save-All script-fu that provided by an user in this list.
> I don't wanna use outer tool, because sometimes the Auto-White-Balance 
> is makes wrong result.

By "outer tool" I assume you are referring to the menu item. The difference 
between the menu item and using the function from a script is the script 
callable version allows you to specify whether it should use adjust based on 
shadow, mid-tones, or hightlights. The menu item doesn't give you a choice. It 
just uses whatever it has as its default settings.

You could easily modify the Save All script to do what you want. The main 
change involves replacing the call to gimp-file-save with a call to 
gimp-color-balance with the parameters you want to use. You also want to 
change the name of the script from script-fu-save-all-images to something more 
appropriate, and edit the register block to put the script under 

There are several scripts (ie. chrome-it.scm) which are shipped with GIMP that 
make a call to gimp-color-balance if you are unsure about the parameters you 
need to pass.



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