I like to see shapes added to Gimp as of way of Openoffice draw and or 
Dia Diagram Editor... 
Where you can Draw Shapes, Select thickness of Shape, outline and color, Merge 
shapes, edit points on shapes, insert a outside picture in shape.
The whole  kit and kaboodle.....Cad like options. Is there a way where you can 
work in collaboration with OpenOffice..... add a spell check in Gimp with 
dictionary look up in text editor?... 

Docking options of the menu options to picture so at time it seems like I an 
dealing with pile of cards. Left or right side muti-picture window docking 
which opens various pictures into same window workspace for fast back and forth 

Mask saving option...copying mask from one picture to save to use on another 
picture. Ability to load and move mask around freely.

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