Well, there are shapes, sort of,  Filters>Render>Gfig. There are also Paths, 
which will
do a lot of what you want.  You can also create Paths in Inkscape and then 
import them
into Gimp (which I find handy, since Inkscape has more features for dealing 
with paths
than Gimp does).  Converting paths to selections would do things like putting a 
in a shape.  You can also merge them, sort of, by converting to a selection, 
then converting back to a path.  I don't think it is quite as accurate as 
something like
Inkscape for boolean stuff, but it works.  You can also edit the nodes on the 

Further, you can, if you know enough about what you are doing, write 
script-fu's that
could create various path shapes if you want.  I know of at least one script fu 
that will
do a path in the shape of a circle.  Surely if that is possible, then any other 
would be, as well.

Spell check?  Seems a bit overdone.  If you are doing that much text in Gimp 
that you
need to do spell checking...seems like another sort of app would be more 
such as Scribus or, as you mention, Open Office.

I can see where you are coming from on your last thing, with the docking.  
remember that Gimp is originally a Linux application, and the Linux desktop has 
options which would make things a bit easier to do the back and forth thing, 
such as
virtual desktops and window shading.

Still, of all the features you mention, I think that one might have some merit. 
 It coule
be implemented as a tabbed feature in one of the dialogs.  Wonder if one could 
write a
plugin to do this sort of thing? (I am not a programmer, so I have no idea if 
such a
thing would be possible, but it is an interesting possibility).

--- Jason Thompson <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> I like to see shapes added to Gimp as of way of Openoffice draw and or 
> Dia Diagram Editor... 
> Where you can Draw Shapes, Select thickness of Shape, outline and color, 
> Merge shapes,
> edit points on shapes, insert a outside picture in shape.
> The whole  kit and kaboodle.....Cad like options. Is there a way where you 
> can work in
> collaboration with OpenOffice..... add a spell check in Gimp with dictionary 
> look up in
> text editor?... 
> Docking options of the menu options to picture so at time it seems like I an 
> dealing
> with pile of cards. Left or right side muti-picture window docking which 
> opens various
> pictures into same window workspace for fast back and forth editing.
> Mask saving option...copying mask from one picture to save to use on another 
> picture.
> Ability to load and move mask around freely.
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