I use a photo cataloging program called IDimager as a 'front end' for 
Gimp.This program displays thumbnails of the complete directory (with 
star ratings, etc.), and is a very convenient way of identifying photos. 
Since changing to v2.4, a fresh instance of the Gimp is started for each 
new photo that I open. Previously with v2.2x it was a dream.Once it had 
opened Gimp for the first picture, from then on it quickly loaded new 
photos into the existing instance of  Gimp. Now  that it opens a fresh 
instance of Gimp for each photo, it is obviously  slower and uses 
excessive system resources.

The only change I have made is going from Gimpv2.2  to v2.4. IDimager 
has not been updated. I did not configure v2.2 specially, but wonder if 
there is a way to configure v2.4 to behave similarly.

Incidentally, another thumbnail viewer I have used is Faststone 
thumbnail viewer. That opened a fresh instance of Gimp with v2.2 as well.

I would appreciate any help - even if it means using a different 
thumbnail viewer.

Thanks for any help

Peter Taylor

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