if this question has been asked before please point me to the answer.

whenever i open a vanilla image in gimp then resize to a smaller 
dimension it becomes fuzzy, soft focus.  to get the sharpness back i 
select filters - sharpen - then about 50 sharpness and all is well 
again.  is this a setting issue or common behavior?

go down this path - after i have done this operation sometimes i have to 
resize the same image to a new dimension. same problem same solution.  
second question, jpgs are lossy.  if i do this then save the jpg a 
second time at new dimension does this cause the same repetitive save, 
loss of quality problem as opening and resaving an image?

i.e. qulity-wise am i better off going back to the vanilla image and 
saving once for each image size as opposed to repetitive saves during 
one open image session?


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