Gimp 2.4.3 allows color proofing but provides no mechanism for using a
printer profile to actually print.   I presume there are weighty issues
involved in doing such a thing.

But in principle, it is not to difficult to do it in an ad hoc manner.
All you have to do is modify the image using the print profile to do so
and then print the result.  I've managed to do it as follows.  I created
my print profile using a measuring device and the argyll suite of
command line programs.  argyll also includes a program cctiff for
modifying a tiff file given source and destination profiles.   The lcms
package also contains a similar program tifficc (also jpegicc).   I've
used both these programs to modify a tiff file (assuming sRGB as the
source profile) and then printed them using photoprint.   I'm pretty
sure that I could also do the printing using a gimp print plugin, in my
case, the gimp gutenprint plugin.

One does have to exercise a little care.  First you have to make sure
you let the profile do the work and print "uncorrected", and also, you
have to use the same printing scheme to print that you used for making
the profile.

Measuring devices which can read prints are a bit expensive, so not
everyone will want to go that route, but there are people who will
produce a profile for you at modest cost.  Look in particular at

Leonard Evens <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Mathematics Department, Northwestern University

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