On Mon, 2008-02-04 at 16:00 -0600, Leonard Evens wrote:

> Good luck in getting information about matters like this. The
> documentation on gimp color management is sparse to non-existent.  In
> the fullness of time I expect this will be remedied, but it doesn't seem
> as if it will be any time soon.

If I remember correctly, you promised to make a start with some
documentation on this subject...

> Are you using gimp under Linux or under Windows?  I have no idea how
> gimp color management might work under Windows.  Windows does have some
> standard locations where things like display profiles are put, but I
> doubt if gimp makes use of them.

The SVN version of GIMP does add a shortcut to the standard color
profile location to the profile file-chooser dialog on Windows (see bug
#503410). This is not implemented in GIMP 2.4.

GIMP uses the systemwide configured display profile on almost all
platforms though. This includes Windows and Mac OS X.

> Some color managed applications under Linux make use of the .color
> directory in your home directory.  I don't know if gimp does that.

It does. It adds a shortcut to that directory to the profile
file-chooser dialog.

> There is an option to make use of the "system profile" for your display
> profile, but I don't know what gimp does when you check that.   There is
> a way under X to specify a display profile, but I don't know if gimp
> makes use of that.  I've seen some suggestions that it does.  You would
> have to figure out how to specify that information to X.

(as linked from http://developer.gimp.org/standards.html)

You can set the display profile using the xicc tool available from
http://www.burtonini.com/computing/xicc-0.2.tar.gz  This is expected to
be integrated into the GNOME and KDE settings at some point.


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