On Tue, 2008-02-05 at 15:23 +0900, Choi, JiHui wrote:

> I'm writing tutorial for it. but I can't know how to use color profiles.
> ( http://gimp.kr/viewtopic.php?f=20&t=1028 )
> so I asked how to add new color profiles.

And you already explained how it is done. They are selected from disk,
using a file-chooser. GIMP will remember the color profiles you have
chosen, so that you don't need to use the file-chooser again next time
you need to access a recently-used color profile. But there's no folder
where you would drop your color profiles and have them show up. Perhaps
we will add something like that at some point. But currently I don't see
any need for this.

I can't tell you how color profiles are selected in the separate+
plug-in. It may use a different widget to do that.


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