Although I am able to make progress in Peck's "Beginning GIMP" I have  
not been able to access or use
the Gimp help files.   When I click on Help in The Gimp
I get nothing.  In my root directory (Leopard) in addition to  
Macintosh HD and Network I have Gimp, help,
Gimp-2.4.3-080109-Leopard-Intel.  This is what I have
just after downloading Gimp-2.4.4... from "Wilbur Loves

        Why does it still say "Gimp-2.4.3..." when I have
downloaded "Gimp-2.4.4..."?

        How can I get access to and use The Gimp's help files?  I can't  
access the Gimp Manual either,  from
inside The Gimp.

        I am a very raw novice at modern computing,  but
with considerable experience with the old-fashioned
computing - Pascal, C, Lisp, Scheme and some UNIX.  If you're going to  
try to help me please be very explicit
and exact.  I still don't "get it" and need all the help
I can get.

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