edward storm wrote:
>       Although I am able to make progress in Peck's "Beginning GIMP" I have  
> not been able to access or use
> the Gimp help files.   When I click on Help in The Gimp
> I get nothing.  In my root directory (Leopard) in addition to  
> Macintosh HD and Network I have Gimp, help,
> Gimp-2.4.3-080109-Leopard-Intel.  This is what I have
> just after downloading Gimp-2.4.4... from "Wilbur Loves
> Apple".
>       Why does it still say "Gimp-2.4.3..." when I have
> downloaded "Gimp-2.4.4..."?
>       How can I get access to and use The Gimp's help files?  I can't  
> access the Gimp Manual either,  from
> inside The Gimp.
>       I am a very raw novice at modern computing,  but
> with considerable experience with the old-fashioned
> computing - Pascal, C, Lisp, Scheme and some UNIX.  If you're going to  
> try to help me please be very explicit
> and exact.  I still don't "get it" and need all the help
> I can get.
>       Thanks
1. You should probably uninstall gimp 2.4.3 and then reinstall 2.4.4.
2. Gimp help is another download and install.

I'm not familiar with Mac's and how they load software, so I can't
really be more specific about this.

Good luck,

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