On Tue, 2008-03-11 at 16:53 -0500, Leonard Evens wrote:

> I'm not familiar with gimp code, so I don't understand what this means, 
> but I think I can probably figure it out.  I will give it a try.  In any case,
> it would be even better for my purposes if I could specify where the corners 
> of the handles go and let gimp calculate the matrix for me and apply it.

You can do that using gimp-drawable-transform-perspective.

> By the way, I don't really understand what the purpose of showing the
> matrix is if you can't change it directly.  Its meaning is far
> from transparent to a naive user, and even someone who is sophisticated
> about the math, like me, would have to do some calculations to figure
> out what the transformation will do given the matrix.  It would be
> more useful to know where the corners of the handles will go under
> the transformation.  But in the present situation, it is all I have, so
> I don't propose removing it.

But you can see where the handles will go as that is how you set up the
transformation. I agree that it is not very useful to display the
transformation matrix and perhaps this should just be removed.


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