Greetings all, ^_^

I recently encountered an odd problem in my use of my tablet with the GIMP.

At some point during work on a picture, the airbrush's response to pressure, as 
applied to the brush size, inverted.  A light stroke now produces a broad line, 
and a heavy stroke produces a thin line.

This seems to only be the case with the airbrush, that I've found, and only 
with regards to size - the paintbrush seems to scale as I expect, and the 
airbrush's opacity pressure response produces faint lines for light pressure 
and more opaque lines for higher pressure, for example.

I have thus far tried looking through the "preferences" dialogue, hunting about 
on my computer, searching the 'net (including the GUG forum and at least a few 
of the mailing list archives), thus far with little success.

I did uncover the following in an airbrush tool options file (found, as I 
recall, in c:\Documents and Settings\<my 
"(pressure-inverse-size yes)" (sans inverted commas, of course.)

Unfortunately, simply changing the "yes" to "no" (or removing the line, if I'm 
not much mistaken) doesn't seem to help - the problem is still present on the 
next startup, and the line is again present as above once the GIMP has next 
been shut down, I believe.

I'm using a Genius WizardPen, the GIMP 2.4.5 (having upgraded from 2.4.4, I 
think that it was, as part of my attempts at solving this problem), and am 
running all of this on Windows XP, SP, if I recall correctly.

My thanks for help offered! ^_^

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