I have recently started comparing final images with my son where we both
start with the same RAW image. He uses Bibble Pro only, whereas I have
been using UFraw and GIMP. For some reason, which he cannot explain, he
does not like my images mainly from the point of view of colour hence
the comparisons. When I looked with Image Viewer, at the images he had
produced, they were vibrant, sharp and had plenty of punch. However, the
same images opened in GIMP, are washed out, not very sharp and lacking
in punch. This caused me to look further and I found that this
difference applied to all the images I have recently been working with,
good in GIMP exaggerated in Image viewer. Good in Image Viewer, weak in

Could someone please explain what I should be doing to overcome this
dilemma? There must be some reason but, because of my lack of knowledge
of colour and its formation in terms of display on the monitor screen, I
have no idea where to start. We both use Ubuntu 7.10 and I use GIMP


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