> Did this happen after you double clicked onto some folder or  
> shortcut?  That's
> a known bug in gtk, it'll be fixed in the next version.

Daniel thanks for your response :)

here are the steps to reproduce the bug:
1- open GIMP prefs then click on Folders section -- I see the 14  
brush folders I've already set up paths to in GIMP/Brushes/
2- I select a new path with the white document icon
3- a small green sphere on left of text field turns red -- I've  
noticed that the green sphere doesn't always turn red when I do this  
4 - click on the folder icon on the right
5- a dialog box opens
6- navigate to folder Brush/foo and select it
7- click on OK
8- box says I have to restart GIMP for changes to take effect
9- restart GIMP
10 - open Prefs->Folders->Brushes again
11- the list only contains the 14 folders I had started with and does  
not include the one I tried to set a path to in step 7

hope this helps

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