julien wrote:
> Hi,
> I downloaded gimp-2.4.5.tar.bz2 and verified that the md5check sum is OK.
> I un- compressed it and ran the usual
> ./configure --prefix=/usr/gimp-2.4.5/
> make
> #make install
> without any visible problem.
> When I run gimp I get
> /usr/gimp-2.4.5/bin/gimp-2.4
> Unable to read initialization file script-fu.init
> Gimp looks OK. I can work with it, but I can't find the "decor" and
> "Alpha-to-logo" filters, and in Xtns, Logos and other items are absent.
> What is wrong?

Try looking in a couple new places.  There are some in the gimp main
dialog under Xtns.  There are more under the "Filters" selection. 
Things have been moved about since 2.4 was initially released and it
confused me for a bit too.

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