You would either need to learn Script-Fu, Python, or C/C++ and learn how to
integrate into the GIMP api. I have a couple of questions, first, why are
you using slicing for your HTML projects when CSS handles the sorts of
things you can do with slicing in a much more logical and browser-friendly
manner, and second, the javascript to do this isn't very hard to learn. If
you'd like I can bring you by (teach you). What is it that you are trying to
do, menus? Anyway, there are open source/free tools that also enable you in
the way of web site creation, that are similar to Adobe Dreamweaver, for
example, Amaya, Quanta Plus, and NVU. But seriously, I can help you learn or
this website,, can help you learn how to do
cross-browser javascript easily. If you decide to go the CSS route, things
like image flipping for buttons becomes a ton easier also. Just let me know
off-list if you want help learning that stuff.

On Mon, Apr 21, 2008 at 10:53 AM, Jan Snyder <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

> Hello all humans,
> I have been using GIMP for webdesign but have to write all the JavaScript
> by hand in Gedit the Linux text editor. Since the slice tool and imagemap
> tool export some HTML tables and JavaScript, I think it would be nice if
> GIMP somehow included JavaScript or CSS templates and it's own text editor
> console sort of like the python console it has for editing plugins. Somehow
> the script templates could automatically be included into the slice HTML
> exported file.  Is this feasible?  Also,  I have limited programming
> knowledge.  Does anyone know what it might take to  program this into GIMP.
> I will try to do it myself but need some hints.
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