I wrote a python-fu script for my private use that may enable me
one-button-filter-applying during painting with brush. The script is
thus; It firstly gets the current brushes' size, sets it as the radius
of gaussian blur and applies blur, so that it may work
non-interractively but it adjust itself flexiblly according to the
painting condition.
But there's a problem. The procedure "gimp-brush-get-info" dosen't
provide me with the actual brushes' size, since there's a option
"Scale" in Tool Options dialog and I frequently change it. In addition
I mainly use self-made pipe-brushes, which you cannot adjust within
Brush Editor dialog.

Then, I came to two solutions of this problem:
a) Getting the status of "Scale" in a certain way
b) Reading lines from preserved preferences (text files) in
"tool-options" directory with python

Choosing "a", I will have to know the right way how I can get the
status. But I have entirely no idea though I read GIMP-Python
Documentation; http://www.gimp.org/docs/python/index.html
On the other hand "b" is an achievable way. But, files in
"tool-options" directory are not seamlessly refreshed. They seem to be
the just preservation of the last session of GIMP and I cannot refresh
them except when the GIMP is completely quited or when "Save Tool
Options Now" is clicked through "Toolbox > FIle > Preferencese > Tool

Won't you please help me if you have any ideas about these two issues,
how I can get the status "Scale" in tool options or how I can print
the current status on certain files when I like?
I'm sorry I know too little because I'm not any sort of coders.

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