I'm an innocent and naive iMac user who uses The Gimp only
now and then for fairly simple things.  Now, all of a sudden, I can't  
launch The Gimp.  I click on its icon in the dock and the word "Gimp"  
appears in the tool bar alongside the Apple icon, but nothing else  
shows up in the tool bar, and the window for The Gimp doesn't appear.   
I just finished downloading Gimp 2.4.6 and it still behaves as just  
described.  Gimp.app is in my Applications folder, all 111 megabytes,  
and X11 is in my Utilities folder.   The Apple technical person I  
spoke with said it had to be a Gimp problem, after we tried several  
things, none of which I understood.  (Create a new account and see if  
The Gimp launches in it.  Shut down the computer and see if that  
helps.   Download The Gimp again and see if it works.  Etc.)  Can  
anyone suggest some way I can understand this and try to restore The  
Gimp to functionality?  Thanks. 
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