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what OS X version are you on? If 10.5.x - did you read about the need  
to update X11? If the answers are yes and no, please go to
http://darwingimp.sourceforge.net/download.html and read the system  
requirements and update hints.

Greetings, lexA

Am 23.06.2008 um 02:23 schrieb edward storm:

>       I'm an innocent and naive iMac user who uses The Gimp only
> now and then for fairly simple things.  Now, all of a sudden, I can't
> launch The Gimp.  I click on its icon in the dock and the word "Gimp"
> appears in the tool bar alongside the Apple icon, but nothing else
> shows up in the tool bar, and the window for The Gimp doesn't appear.
> I just finished downloading Gimp 2.4.6 and it still behaves as just
> described.  Gimp.app is in my Applications folder, all 111 megabytes,
> and X11 is in my Utilities folder.   The Apple technical person I
> spoke with said it had to be a Gimp problem, after we tried several
> things, none of which I understood.  (Create a new account and see if
> The Gimp launches in it.  Shut down the computer and see if that
> helps.   Download The Gimp again and see if it works.  Etc.)  Can
> anyone suggest some way I can understand this and try to restore The
> Gimp to functionality?  Thanks.
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