Zoltan Tibenszky wrote:
> Hi everybody!
> I am new on this mailing list, and I have just get basic knowledge about 
> I have got the following issue:
> I have to put some text on a picture. Some text have to be vertical. I 
> have created the text with the text tool, and I have rotated it to make 
> it vertical. The problem was that the sides of the text become 
> transparent and just the middle of the text has reserved its original 
> colour.
> How could I avoid this "transparent" issue?
> Is there any simpler way to create a non-horizontal text?
Hi, Zoltan -

When you created the text, it was created in a text layer whose size was 
defined by the text itself.

Then you used the selection tool to select the text within that text 
layer, and rotated the selected text.  But you didn't rotate the layer 
itself, just the text. Then, when you deselected the text, the part of 
it that was outside the original boundaries was made transparent.

What you do is to create the text, then immediately click on the rotate 
tool.  This will automatically use the tool to rotate the layer itself, 
rather than to rotate a selected portion of the image within the layer. 
This is actually easier than the process you used, and you have now 
learned something interesting about GIMP's way of creating extra layers 
to manipulate.

Good luck and have fun.

 -- Burnie
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