here is my path: /Applications/Gimp-2.4.6/Gimp.app/Contents/Resources/ Share/gimp/2.0/ There is no help folder in 2.0. I made such a help folder and then a moved the two help files into this folder.
I looked in the preferences/Folders but there is no help folder.
I followed this path too: /Users/geenen/Library/ApplicationSupport/ Gimp/ and there was not a help folder. I make some one and let it empty because every folder is empty.
Again it is not possible to call the help. Always I get this message:
The GIMP help files are not found.
Please install the additional help package or use the online user manual at http:// docs.gimp.or

I downloaded the help documentation from darwingimp and tried to install it but it is impossible to install this version.
The following message is what I get.
Select a destination
You cannot install Gimp-help on this volume. Please make sure, that you have Gimp.app installed in the Applications Folder.

I have Gimp.app installed in the Applications Folder as you can verify in my path at the top of this letter.

It seems that Gimp does not recognize the additions which I made.

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