On Monday 25 August 2008, John Culleton wrote:
> I would guess that 95% of Gimp users are effectively monoglots.
> They only use Gimp with reference to a single language.  That said,
> it would speed up configure and compile time if there was a switch
> that specified the language to be used at that site.  The
> compile/install time and disk space needed for the many
> alternatives could be eliminated.
> Just my thought for today.

Yes, but 98% of them, like - peple who download gimp for windows, or 
Linux distribution users,  fetch GIMP from a unified binary source 
(either the gimp-windows binaries, or linux distribution binaries) , 
and these builds must be multilingual.

Your change would "benefit" the 2% whou buld gimp from source,a nd 
even that is dobutfull - I myself use it alternatibvely in English 
and Portuguese. 

So... it is actually easier if you simply erase the .mo s you donį¹« 
want at the end of the make step.

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